Face of Ice #7 - Willa

From the series The Faces Of... | series 1: Faces of Ice


In folklore, a willa (also spelled vila or wila) is a supernatural being or fairy found in Slavic and Balkan folklore. They are typically depicted as beautiful and seductive women with long, flowing hair and gossamer wings. Willas are often associated with natural settings such as forests, mountains, and rivers.

According to legend, willas are usually benevolent and will assist humans who show them respect and kindness. They are also known for their ability to heal the sick and wounded with their magical powers. However, they can also be capricious and vengeful towards those who offend them, especially men who are unfaithful or disrespectful to women. — chatGPT

In this portrait of a shy Willa, she is peeking out from behind her gossamer wing as if it were a handheld fan.