Face of Ice #3: Octopus Maya

From the series The Faces Of... | series 1: Faces of Ice

Octopus Maya.

The Octopus Maya, or Mexican four-eyed octopus, found only in the waters of the Yucatan Peninsula, looks as if it has 4 eyes due to markings below her eyes. This Octopus Maya is winking.

They are found to be dark brown in hue, but they'll turn bright red when they are miffed about something.

The female will carry [fertilized eggs] within her body for between 14 and 50 days until spawning. The spawning process lasts approximately 5 days, during which the female will deposit her eggs in a den for incubation.... During this period, the female will not leave the eggs to eat, resulting in her death shortly after her offspring hatch.

Octopus maya is sensitive to temperatures exceeding 27 degrees Celsius (81 °F). As [temperatures increase] it suffers a decrease in fitness and reproductive capabilities. Thus, rising ocean temperatures pose a serious threat to this species. Continued fishing of this octopus along with dwindling populations could quickly become serious as the processes of climate change causes continued rise in ocean temperatures.Wikipedia